1880-O VAM-63

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1880-O VAM-63 8/7 Check Mark, Medium O Mint Mark Set High

Discovered by C. Logan McKechnie, 2006.
This coin is a Hot 50 Morgan VAM.
63 III213 · C3r (8/7 Check Mark, Medium O Mint Mark Set High) ( ? ) I-3 R-6
Reverse C3r– II O oval mint mark centered and upright set high. Some die polishing lines inside and slightly doubled on left inside.

1. This obverse shared with VAM-16 Die 1, VAM-16 Die 2, VAM-17, VAM-17A, VAM-55 and VAM-63
2. The reverse is shared with VAM 77, VAM-67


LVA Plate Photo:

1880-O VAM-63 O Set High.jpg

Additional Photos:

The following three photos Marked A,B,C are from an AU-55 example also cited as a discovery coin. C. Logan McKechnie.
The 'checkmark' is much stronger and easier to see on the coin than it is in the above below. The arrow points to the top middle of the 'checkmark' which begins on the inner loop edge, rises and drops all the way to the outer loop edge.
1880-O VAM 63 Photo 1.jpg
There is an area on the obverse where there are file lines that are normally not in that location. The box on the photo below tells you where to look. Like the 'checkmark' above, the file lines are much stronger on the coin than as depicted in the photograph.
1880-O VAM 63 Photo 2.jpg
This photo shows the same mintmark and mintmark location as is depicted in Leroy Van Allen's photo at the very top, which is the only 'official' photo on this page.
1880-O VAM 63 Photo 3.jpg
Next 3 photos marked L,M,N
Scans below from discoverer of original Discovery Coin (VAM assigned in March 2006). Coin was originally purchased in an old small ANACS holder mis-attributed as VAM 17 with an assigned grade of MS 60. Coin was re-submitted to ANACS with copy of LVA letter and was holdered in first generation (blue) new style ANACS holder with a new assigned grade of AU-58. ANACS would not include a HOT- 50 designation at the time of holdering. Coin was later submitted to Jeff Oxman for inclusion.
Obverse Notes
The discovery coin has a thin die crack in the lower hair extending from the M to the notch above the second star to the right of the date. This is a thin crack and would likely not be visible on lower grade coins. There are a pair of diagonal die polish lines in one of the hair recesses just to the right of the ear. There is another die polish line below the ribbon in the fold of the cap. See highlighted areas on photo "N" below on where to look.
Reverse Notes
There are few noteworthy die markers; the polish lines inside the "O" and position of the mintmark identifies the reverse. There is some faint cracking (different from VAM 17) through the top of TES, the bottom of AT and from the top right of F to the wing. This would probably not be noticable on worn specimens.
1880 O V63 PHOTOCOMPS8.jpg
From Mitch Hill, Large Full Coin VAM-63 Images photographed and ATTRIBUTED BY John Baumgart @ Variety Slabbing Service.jpg

Full Coin Photos

1st Discovery coin is ANACS AU-58 (first generation new-style blue holder).
2nd Second coin credited as a discovery coin: ANACS AU-55 Details [Cleaned]
3rd Mhomei,large full coin photo above VSS verified PCGS 63
4th Mhomei, PCGS au55