1880-O VAM-56A

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1880-O VAM-56A (Doubled 80, Phrygian Cap Top & Die Break Left U in UNUM)

Discovery 2011
56 III2 41 C3a (Doubled 80, Phrygian Cap Top & Die Break Left U in UNUM, Small O) (176) I-2 R-6
Obverse III241– Radial die crack at left of U in UNUM with displaced field break. Crack continues left at top of cap and thru wheat leaves. Also has radial die crack at neck point with very slight field displacement.
Reverse C3a – Slightly doubled middle leaf edge of second and third leaf clusters from top in left wreath. Polishing outline at top of ITED S. I O mint mark centered and upright.


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LVA Plate Photos:

1880~O V56plate.jpeg1880~OV56A plate U-Break.jpeg

Additional Photos:

DJC 1880~O VAM56A dblTE.jpg DJC 1880~o VAM56A MM.jpg

Djk1880ovam56a3 opt.jpg

Djk1880ovam56a2 opt.jpg

Full Coin Photos

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