1880-O VAM-53

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1880-O VAM-53 Doubled 880 & Lower Reverse, High Small O

Discovered by Joe Lewis, March 2004.
53 III222 · C3n (Doubled 880 & Lower Reverse, High Small O) (176) I-2 R-5
Reverse C3n– Slightly doubled middle leaves of each cluster of left wreath, outer leaves of right wreath and lower inside of STATES AMERICA letters towards rim. I O mint mark set slightly high. Tiny die gouge at top of E in STATES.

1. VAM-53 , VAM-53A , VAM-53B are all a III2 22 obverse Die class buthave different obverse markers.
2. Vampicker The VAM 53 marriage with the die gouge at the top of the E of STATES is unrelated to VAMs 53A and 53B. The obverse is a similar, yet not identical die. The reverse is instantly identifable by the plated gouge on the E and is not related to the 53A/B reverse. however this gouge is present on the 1880-O VAM-30 which has a different MM Location
3. However the Reverse of the coin does have the gouge above the E in states, a partially filled G


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1880-O VAM-53 Dbld Rev.jpg 1880-O VAM-53 Gouge E Top.jpg


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