1880-O VAM-46

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1880-O VAM-46 Doubled Ear, Motto, 80 and Wreath Leaf

Discovered by Jeff Oxman, Oct 1997.
46(revised)III234 · C3k (Doubled Ear, Motto, 80 and Wreath Leaf) (176) I-3 R-3
Obverse III234– Ear doubled slightly on right side of inner ear fill and outside. Motto letters and 5 and 6 right stars doubled slightly towards rim. Second 8 doubled slightly at lower left outside of upper loop. 0 doubled slightly at left inside and right outside. Pitted die below 88 on some specimens.
Reverse C3k– Strong doubled lower edge of top leaf in wreath second right leaf cluster. Slight doubling on third and fourth wreath right top leaf.
Small, round I O mint mark centered and upright.



LVA Plate Photos:

1880-O VAM-46 Dbld 80.jpg 1880-O VAM-46 Dbld Ear.jpg 1880-O VAM-46 Dbld Ear1.jpg
1880-O VAM-46 Dbld Wreath Leaf.jpg 1880-O VAM-46 Dbld Wreath Leaf1.jpg

Additional Photos:

Full Coin Photos

Large Full Coin Photo courtesy Mhomei with Attribution by ANACS on Holder