1880-O VAM-25

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1880-O VAM-25 8/7 Spike, High O Set Right

Discovered by Jim Baxter, October 1978.
25 III2 5 - C3g (8/7 Spike, High O Set Right) (176) I-4 R-5
Obverse III2 5– 8 re-punched over 7 in date. A long spike extends from top left side of second 8. Small horizontal spike on right inside of upper loop of second 8 and a checkmark from the remains of the 7 upper serif show on left side of upper loop.
Reverse C3g- Small O mint mark set high and to right.

1. Existence questionable, would have been part of the Top 100 if valid. Mintmark position plated in VAM book is an exact match for VAM 6A.
2. Same obverse as 1880-O VAM-6, but different reverse mint mark placement.


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