1880-O VAM-16 Die 2

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This coin is a Hot 50 Morgan VAM.
16 (revised) III213 · C3o (8/7 Check Mark, O Set Right) ( ? ) I-3 R-5
Obverse III213– 8 re-punched over 7 in date. Remains of 7 shows on surface of left side of upper loop of second 8 in form of a check mark. Short vertical bar on surface at right side of junction of 8 loops extending down into side of top of lower loop opening. Second 8 doubled on upper loop lower left outside. 1 slightly doubled at top left of upper and lower crossbars and on surface at top right of vertical shaft. Die marker - Vertical polishing line at right side of cap ribbon.
Reverse C3o– Die 1 - I O mint mark set slightly to right with slight tilt to right.

Die 2 - Centered small micro I O mintmark. Die marker - Two vertical polishing lines at top of eagle's left wing near left A in AMERICA.


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