1880-O VAM-16

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1880-O VAM-16 8/7 Check Mark, O Set Right

Discovered by Leroy Van Allen, July 1976. Revised 2010.
This coin is a Hot 50 Morgan VAM.
16 (revised) III213 · C3o (8/7 Check Mark, O Set Right) ( ? ) I-3 R-5
Obverse III213– 8 re-punched over 7 in date. Remains of 7 shows on surface of left side of upper loop of second 8 in form of a check mark. Short vertical bar on surface at right side of junction of 8 loops extending down into side of top of lower loop opening. Second 8 doubled on upper loop lower left outside. 1 slightly doubled at top left of upper and lower crossbars and on surface at top right of vertical shaft. Die marker - Vertical polishing line at right side of cap ribbon.
Reverse C3o – O mint mark set slightly to right with slight tilt to right. Die marker - Two vertical polishing lines at top of eagle's left wing near left A in AMERICA.

1. John Roberts has confirmed the die marker of two vertical polishing lines at top of eagle's left wing near left A in AMERICA on VAM-16 is SIMILAR to VAM-55 which has an "Evil Mimic" die marker very similar to VAM-16 BUT DIFFERENT. VAM-55 will have a curved die scratch on the first left leaf cluster left of the bow. So VAM-16 and VAM-55 are definitely different reverse dies.
2. Apparently there was a brief period where there was a listing for Die 1 and Die 2 for this variety. It does not appear the designation was ever part of the published annual Van Allen listing update.
3. This obverse is shared by VAMs 16, 17 & 17A , 55, and 63


LVA Plate Photos:

1880-O VAM 16-O Set Rt.jpg

Additional Photos:

The checkmark overdate can be tricky to see on even lightly circulated examples
80o v16 checkmark jpr.jpg
Obverse die marker noted by Van Allen
80o v16 scratch under cap band jpr.jpg
Reverse die marker noted by Van Allen
80o v16 lines in wingtip a jpr.jpg
Squiggle like line inside leg on some and maybe all examples
80o v16 leg squiggle jpr.jpg

Full Coin Photos

Large Full Coin VAM-16 Images by John Roberts