1880-O VAM-13

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1880-O VAM-13 Doubled 80, Tripled 0

Discovered by Tom Delorey, April 1974. Revised 2010
13 (revised) III2 10 - C3a (Doubled 80, Tripled 0) (176) I-3 R-5
Obverse III2 10- Second 8 doubled on lower left outside of upper loop. 0 doubled strongly at top left outside and tripled at top right outside and on lower left inside and doubled almost entirely up left side.
Die marker - Single vertical polishing line in front of eye.



LVA Plate Photos:

1880 O VAM 13 Dbld 80.jpg

Additional Photos:

There appears to be an unlisted die chip/gouge above the O in Dollar, as seen in both examples below. TDITD and it is still a VAM 13 marriage.This gouge is not on all specimens
1880-O VAM-13 Doubled 80 Reverse.jpg DJC 1880~o MM.jpg

1880-O VAM-13 Doubled 80 Obverse.jpg

DJC 1880~o V13marker.jpg
This example with die scratches running from the wheat spray into the LIBERTY band @ LI. The die is the die (TDITD) and this should be considered as another marker for the VAM 13. Photos by Albanach
DJC 1880~o Spraylines.jpg
Here we have a set of die scratches in the left wing. This is from a late state of the die (note the AR crack is almost a break) and should not be mistaken as the reverse for the VAM 16.
DJC 1880~o winlines.jpg
There is also some un-listed reverse doubling present on this example, as seen below.
DJC 1880~o nGod.jpg DJC 1880~o trust.jpg

DJC 1880~o LL.jpg

DJC 1880~o AR.jpg DJC 1880~o revstar.jpg

Full Coin Photos

Large Full Coin Photo and Attribution by Mhomei