1879-s VAM-35A

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1879-S VAM-35A PAF, Doubled 9, Engraved Wing Feathers

Discovered by , 2019.
III2 5 - B2g (PAF, Doubled 9, Engraved Wing Feathers) (???) I-4 R-6
Obverse III2 5 - 9 doubled left outside of lower loop with slightly open 9 loops. Same die as VAM-74, but earlier die state without heavy die polishing lines in fields and Liberty head hair. Same die marker of several horizontal die polishing lines thru RTY of LIBERTY. No visible die cracks.
Reverse B2g - Latest die state with diagonal die polishing line in lower part of eagle's right wing. Weak over polished left side of upper tail feathers and middle of lower tail feathers. No significant die polishing lines at wreath bow. Horizontal bar of r in Trust very weak with shallow lower bar, right end very shallow with only couple vertical lines and couple tiny dots at top edge. Long die crack top of NIT in UNITED with tiny die chips left side of N top serif and between IT. Crack with die chips likely caused die retirement with obverse die then being used for VAM-74.

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