1879-S VAM-86

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1879-S VAM-86

Discovery 2014 Brian Raines, june 20, 2014
86 lll 2 35*C3ad (Doubled 187, Engraved Wreath Leaves) (184) I-1 R-6
Obverse lll 2 35 Same die as for VAM 66, But earlier die state before clashed and polished
Reverse C3ad - IV S mintmark centered with partially filled loops. Engraving to strengthen on some outside and middle leaf ends in left wreath opposite ON, left star, U and NI. Some doubled leaves in left wreat
1- "New VAM 86. Yes has same obv die as VAM 66 lll 35 that had a PAF reverse. But your coin doesn't have polishing lines, wekaned lower hair and no clash marks. So EDS. Strange obv got paired with C3 rev first and then later with B2 rev. S.F. mint must have run out of C3 rev dies & had to use left over B2 rev dies from 1878. Could be other cases like that to be found. Unlisted engraved left wreath leaves).

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