1879-S VAM-74

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1879-S VAM-74 Engraved Tail Feather, Over Polished Reverse

Discovered by Brian Raines, May 2010.
74 III2 1 C3w (Engraved Tail Feather, Over Polished Reverse) I-5 R-5
Obverse- III2 1 - Die Marker - Double horizontal polishing line thru TY of LIBERTY
Reverse C3w - Severely over polished lower reverse and peripheral letters with thin and disconnected wreath leaves. Engraved vertical tail feather above right claw slightly left of normal position and strengthened vertical tail feather next to it with horizontal die file lines. First Known case of engraved tail feathers on 1879s.
1- Same reverse die as VAM-57.

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