1879-S VAM-61

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1879-S VAM-61 Doubled 8, Sextupled Stars, Tripled Left Wreath

Discovered by Jerry Robertson, April 2005.
61 III2 31 · C3t (Doubled 8, Sextupled Stars, Tripled Left Wreath) ( ? ) I-2 R-5
Obverse III2 31 – Slightly doubled 8 at left outside and right inside of upper loop. All left and right stars slightly sextupled towards rim. Tiny die chip on edge of jaw.
Reverse C3t – Slightly tripled outside leaves in left wreath towards rim. Doubled tops of n God We Tru.
1- With another example, confirmed markers in LVA plate of first two right stars, a diagonal scratch up to the right from lower right point of first right star and raised lump on lowest point of seond right star.

LVA Plate Photos

1879-S VAM-61 Dbld 8.jpg1879-S VAM-61 Dbld Motto.jpg1879-S VAM-61 Sextupled Stars.jpg

Additional Photos

"One and Done" PUP
Nm 1879-S vam-61 PUP.jpg
Nm 1879-S vam-61 Obv.jpg
Nm 1879-S vam-61 Rev.jpg
1879 S Obv.jpg
1879 S Rev.jpg