1879-S VAM-29A

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1879-S VAM-29A

Discovery 2012
Eliminated 2017
29A III2 15 - C3y (Doubled 879 and Right Obverse, Gouge Hair, High S, Engraved Leaves, Die Chips Wing Tips) (185) I-5 R-7
Reverse C3y - Fairly large die chips at tips of both wings.
1- Centered and High Medium s Tilted left
2- Doubled B and U of Pluribus
3- Left #3 cluster engraved
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LVA Plate Photos

Additional Photos

See photos of features not specific to this die stage on the VAM 29 page.

Die chip at tip of eagle's right wing.

Die chip at tip of eagle's left wing.

This coin was submitted to VSS from Ron1883
Full size photos:
NM 1879-S VAM-29A Obv.jpg
NM 1879-S VAM-29A Rev.jpg
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