1879-S VAM-29

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1879-S VAM-29

Discovered by Oscar Simpson, November 1978.
Revised 2012, 2017
29 (revised) III2 15 ∙ C3y (Doubled 879 and Right Obverse, Gouge Hair, High S, Engraved Leaves, Die Chips Wing Tips) (185) I-5 R-6
Obverse III2 15 – Doubled 879 with 8 at right outside of both loops and left of lower loop, 7 at top and 9 at left outside of both loops. Strong doubling towards rim on Phrygian cap top and right side, wheat grains and leaves, RIBUS UNUM and 3 to 6 right stars. Long diagonal die gouge in hair above eye with vertical engraved lines in attempt to erase it
Reverse C3y – Medium S mint mark set high with slight tilt to left. Engraving to strengthen on some outside and middle leaves in left wreath opposite ON, U, _IT. Fairly large die chips at tips of both wings
1- Leroy's comment:
79S MS-VAM-29. Has dbld cap top, wheat grains & leaves, motto, hair below cotton bolls and bottom inside of ear. Long diagonal die gouge in hair above eye with vertical engraved lines. S m/m set high and tilted left. Engraved left wreath leaves of VAM-29 picture in 2012 VAM Supplement. Also has die chips both wing tips of 29A. Fairly EDS with semi-PL fields. Incorporated VAM-29A into 29 since occurs with this obv from beginning.
2- Reverse Die also used for VAM-99 and VAM-100.
3- Fairly large die chips at tips of both wings.

LVA Plate Photos

LVA Plate 1879-S VAM-29.jpg

Additional Photos

Gouge through hair with touch-up scratches.

Closeup of scratches in hair above forehead by gouge.

LIBERTY doubled on the bottom

Strong doubling on wheat leaf and cap.

Strong doubling on upper rear of cap and •U

Notched serifs on NU in UNUM.

Strong doubling on lower rear of cap.

Strong doubling on lower inside of ear.

Cotton boll stem doubled and hair near cotton leaves has extra detail.

Re-engraved leaves on wreath near ON.

Die chip at tip of eagle's right wing.

Die chip at tip of eagle's left wing.

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