1879-S Reverse of 1978

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1879-S Reverse of the 1878, Various VAMs
The San Francisco Mint produced two main varieties of the 1879-S. Later production runs used reverse dies with angled tail feathers where early production runs used reverse dies from 1878, refer to pictures below. The 1878 reverse dies has the horizontals or straight tail feathers.
The Top 100 Morgan Dollar Variety lists “1879-S Reverse of 1878” under “Various VAM” (Fey and Oxman). As with the 1878 Morgan there are numerous varieties which are the subject of David Wang’s Book ‘1879-S Reverse of the 1878’.
1879 S 7879REVERSES.jpg
The Reverses of 1878 and 1879 come into play with other Morgan dates and mints. Click the link in the previous sentence for more information.
Upper Tail Feather Options
1879 s rev78numbered-crop-vert789.jpg
Lower Tail Feathers