1879-P Clashed Dies

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Sorted by transfer
Clashed N
Camera.jpg1879-P VAM-14A Doubled 879, Clashed Obverse n
1879-P VAM-14A Clashed n.jpg
Camera.jpg1879-P VAM-24A Doubled 1-9, Clashed Obverse n
1879-P VAM-24A Clashed n.jpg
Camera.jpg1879-P VAM-49A Doubled 9 & Left Reverse, Clashed Obverse n
Camera.jpg1879-P VAM-50A Doubled 9, Clashed Obverse n
1879-P VAM-52 Clashed n.jpg
Camera.jpg1879-P VAM-55A Doubled 1-9 & Motto, Clashed Obverse n Full-Coin CAMERA.jpg
1879-P VAM-1B Double Clashed n.jpg
Camera.jpg1879-P VAM-71A Doubled 879 & Reverse, Clashed Obverse n
Disc-1879pvam71A-nclash 001.jpg
Camera.jpg1879-P VAM-73A Doubled 1-79 & Phrygian Cap Top, Clashed Obverse nFull-Coin CAMERA-REPLACE-PIX.jpg
Camera.jpg1879-P VAM-101A Doubled 1-9, Clashed Obverse n *New 2018*
Camera.jpg1879-P VAM-102A Doubled 879, Profile & Cap Top, Clashed Obverse n *New 2018*
New Camera.jpg 1879-P VAM-103A Doubled 879, Clashed Obverse n *New 2019*

Clashed IN,T
Camera.jpg1879-P VAM-7A Doubled 9, Clashed Obverse In, t
1879-P VAM 7A Clashed In.jpg1879-P VAM-7A Clashed t.jpg

Clashed N,ST
Camera.jpg1879-P VAM-65A Doubled Date, Clashed Obverse n & st
1879-P VAM-65A PLATE NECK 5 DEC 2010.jpg1879-P VAM-65A PLATE ST 5 DEC 2010.jpg

Clashed N,T,M
Camera.jpg1879-P VAM-27A Doubled 879, Clashed Obverse n, t, Reverse M
1879-P VAM-27A Clashed n.jpg1879-P VAM-27A Clashed t.jpg

Clashed US
Camera.jpg1879-P VAM-34A Doubled 9 and Reverse Lettering, Clashed us

Clashed Obverse E
Camera.jpg1879-P VAM-30A Doubled 879, Clashed Obverse e, Reverse M
Camera.jpg1879-P VAM-37A Doubled 187, Pitted Lower Reverse, clashed obverse e *NEW 2013*

Honorable Mention
Camera.jpg1879-P VAM-47 Doubled 18-9, Quadrupled Stars, Doubled Wreaths & Arrowheads *Revised 2017*
New Camera.jpg 1879-P VAM-62 Doubled 1-9, Tripled/Quadrupled Stars Lfcp-icon.jpg
Camera.jpg1879-P VAM-83 Doubled 18-9, Quadrupled Stars *NEW 2016* Full-Coin CAMERA-REPLACE-PIX.jpg
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