1879-O VAM-48

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1879-O VAM-48 Doubled 879, Quadrupled/Tripled Stars, O Tilted Left, Die Impression Olive Branch

Discovery12/2015 (Former VAM-48 delisted 3/2015, same as VAM-37)
48 III2 36- C3e (Doubled 879, Quadrupled/Tripled Stars, O Tilted Left, Die Impression Olive Branch) (176) I-3 R-5
Obverse III2 36 - Slightly doubled 879 with 8 at top right inside of both loops, 7 below crossbar and 9 at left outside of both loops. Bottom of 18 very slightly tripled tripled/quadrupled. Left stars quadrupled and right stars doubled/tripled towards rim. Top of Phrygian cap slightly doubled.
Die marker - Single diagonal polishing line at eye front.
Reverse C3e - Slightly doubled lower edge of middle and lower arrow heads. Slightly curved diagonal die scratch at olive branch right end likely from die edge impression. Short horizontal die scratch at eagle's left leg.


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1870 VAM-48 Doubled 8 .jpg Jcr-LVA-3-122815.JPG
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