1879-O VAM-26A

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1879-O VAM-26A Doubled 9, Hair Front Over polished, Die Gouge Wreath Bow

Discovery Jun 2019 by LD Lane aka ChiefRet.

III2 3 - C3a (Doubled 9, Hair Front Over polished, Die Gouge Wreath Bow) 181 I-3 R-5
Obverse III2 3 - Over polished hair front with portions of edge missing.

Reverse C3a - Short horizontal die gouge right outside of wreath bow. Some light pitting on top of right leaf of second cluster from top of right wreath.



  1. LVA Discovery Letter

LVA Plate Photos:

1879-O VAM-26A Over Polished Hair Front.jpg1879-O VAM-26A Die Gouge Wreath Bow.jpg

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Full Coin VAM-26A images on loan to Vamworld courtesy of . Attributed by Leroy Van Allen.