1878-S VAM-98

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1878-S VAM-98 Doubled 878 and Nostril

Discovered by Craig Lickenbrock, December 2005.
98 II 42 · B2au (Doubled 878 and Nostril) (185) I-3 R-5
Obverse II 42– Both 8's doubled at top left inside of upper loop. 7 doubled at top right of vertical shaft. (Doubling on date different than VAM 4 which has minor doubling at bottom of digits, top of 7 & less at top inside of 8's upper loops.) Nostril strongly doubled. Eyelid slightly doubled as is lower hair on right side. LIBERTY slightly doubled at top, bottom, left and right. Point of fourth right star completely broken off. Ear slightly doubled at top, bottom, left and right. Die marker: Die chip at back of lower Phrygian cap below ribbon.
Reverse B2au– III S mint mark set slightly to left and tilted slightly to left. Die marker: Short horizontal lines on partial lower feather between eagle’s right wing and leg with some fine vertical polishing lines on left side. Same reverse die as VAM-78.
LVA Plate Photos:
1878-S VAM-98 Dbld 878.jpg1878-S VAM-98 Lines in Feather.jpg

Additional Photos