1878-S VAM-91

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1878-S VAM-91 Engraved Wing Feather, S Tilted Right, Doubled US UNUM & LIBERTY

Discovered by Larry Briggs, July 2004. Revised 2012.
91 II 34 · B2af (Engraved Wing Feather, S Tilted Right, Doubled US UNUM & LIBERTY, Acid Treated Eagle) (184) I-4 R-6
Obverse II 34– Slight surface doubling at bottom and top inside of lower loop of B in PLURIBUS. Small raised dot between LI. LIBERTY doubled on left side. Slight doubling of front of LIBERTY band, hair above forehead, top of Phrygian cap and US UNUM towards rim. Fourth right star broken.
Reverse B2af– Feather engraved between eagle’s right wing and leg. R in Trust partially broken with triangle on arm. III S mint mark set slightly high with slight tilt to right. Diagonal die scratch right of wreath bow. Acid treated areas at eagle's left and right wing-body junction, middle of eagle's right wing, upper and lower tail feathers and upper arrow feather. (Also VAMs 48 & 91.)
1- VAM-48, VAM-84 and VAM-91 share the same reverse.
LVA Plate Photos:
1878-S VAM-91 Dbld LIBERTY.jpg1878-S VAM-91 Dbld Motto.jpg

Additional Photos

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CFE 07-16-2011 1878-S ENGRAVED-WING0COPY902.jpg

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