1878-S VAM-86

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1878-S VAM-86 Doubled Ear Lower Inside

Discovered by Larry Briggs, May 2004
86(revised) II 36 · B2a (Doubled Ear Lower Inside) (186) I-2 R-4
Obverse II 36– Ear doubled at lower right inside. Fourth right star broken. Die marker– Several short diagonal die scratches at base of cotton bolls.
Reverse B2a–
Die 1 - Small III S mint mark set slightly to left and filled. Die markers– Four short diagonal die scratches between eagle’s left leg and tail feathers. Diagonal polishing lines on lower feather between eagle’s right wing and leg. R in Trust not broken. (Often found in Redfield collection holders.)
Die Markers- Polished Reverse with Lines in UTF opposite direction of Die 3
Die 2 - Small S mint mark set slightly to left.
Die markers- Small die chips on upper tail feathers in middle and lower left.
Die 3 - Small III S mint mark centered and not filled. Heavy die polishing lines in middle of both wings and on upper tail feathers. Two horizontal polishing spikes at wing edge below In.
1- VAM 86 has a common Obverse for the 3 different Reverses.
1- [[1]]

LVA Plate Photos

1878 S V86-OBVERSE-PLATES1.jpg

Additional Photos

Photo #1 VSS Photo scratches at the base of the cotton boll stems
Photo#2 Primary diagnotics for Die 1,2,3, are the full r in trust and the broken 4th right obverse star.
Photo #3 Die 3 completely Broken 4th Star
Die 1 Reverse
Photo #6 Small III S mint mark set slightly to left and filled.
Mitch, this is not the bow on the Lewis coin, so cant be a D1 and not D2, does not match Ben d3
Photo #7 Diagonal polish lines in the engraved feather area distinguish this reverse.
Mitch, this photo will be moved to the D1 PAGE
Photo #8 Die scratch by the left leg (viewer's right):
Mitch, The Eagles inner right Leg not even close to D1 or D2
PCGS AU53 Die 1