1878-S VAM-84

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1878-S VAM-84 Engraved Wing Feather, S Tilted Right, Doubled Lower Hair & 878

Discovered by Jym Braun, October 1999.
Revised 2012.
84(revised) II 32 · B2af (Engraved Wing Feather, S Tilted Right, Doubled Lower Hair & 878) (184) I-4 R-4
Obverse II 32– Polished down with slightly concave obverse.
Reverse B2af– Feather engraved between eagle’s right wing and leg. R in Trust partially broken with triangle on arm. III S mint mark set slightly high with slight tilt to right. Diagonal die scratch right of wreath bow. Acid treated areas at eagle's left and right wing-body junction, middle of eagle's right wing, upper and lower tail feathers and upper arrow feather. (Also VAMs 48 & 91.)
1- Reverse die used for VAM-48, 84 ,VAM-91, and VAM-91A

LVA Plate Photos

1878 s vam84 acid 6plates.jpg

Additional Photos

Sep78s 005.jpg
Sep78s 007.jpg
Repaired r in trust
Sep78s 010.jpg
Sep78s 013.jpg
Sep78s 017.jpg
Sep78s 016.jpg

Full Coin Photos

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