1878-S VAM-66

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1878-S VAM-66 Doubled Ear & Eyelid, Doubled D

Discovered by Calvin Cherry, February 2002.
66(revised) II 27 · B2d (Doubled Ear & Eyelid, Doubled D) (185) I-2 R-6
Obverse II 27– Slightly doubled ear on right inside and eyelid below front. Fine line thru top of IB in LIBERTY to left wheat leaf. Fourth right star broken. VAM-92 has the same obverse.
Reverse B2d– Horizontal polishing lines below middle tail feathers, same as VAM-17 EDS.
1. Reverse Dies same VAM-17 early Die State 1 & 2 and VAM-114

LVA Plate Photos

1878-S VAM-66 Lines Below TF1.jpg

Additional Photos

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LFR 78S V66-die chip cap.jpg