1878-S VAM-47A

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1878-S VAM-47A

Discovery 2015 (revised 2017 ...Kenny & 78-SLongnock)
47A (revised) II 1 -B2ae ((Engraved Wing Feather, (Clashed Obverse n), Clashed Reverse M)) (184) I-2 R-6
Obverse II 1 - Die 1 - Clashed die on some specimens with faint clashed lower right tip of n of In showing next to Liberty head neck.
Reverse B2ae - Clashed die with faint designer's initial M from obverse showing above d in GOD.

LVA Comments 6/25/17:
1. New Vam 47A. Die 1 obv with die chip below cap fold. B2 ae eng wing feather of VAM 47.Clashed obv & rev dies. Vertical clash line up from wing reaches lower rt side of n of In. So should be partial clashed n on obv at neck below diagonal clash line. Partial clashed n VERY HARD to see but is Faintly there. Hope can get clear photo for revised listing of 47A with clash n. No clashed st at lower rt hair vee but has partial clashed M above d of God already listed in 2016---- but also VERY HARD to see. Read LVA submittal letter: LVA Letter


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NGC 63,