1878-S VAM-31

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1878-S VAM-31 Tripled LIBERTY, Doubled Nostril & Eyelid, Sagging Jaw, Engraved Wing Feather

Discovered by David DeRuiter, November 1979.
This coin is a Top 30 1878-S Variety.
31(revised) II 17 · B2s (Tripled LIBERTY, Doubled Nostril & Eyelid, Sagging Jaw, Engraved Wing Feather) (184) I-5 R-4
Obverse II 17 - Later die state further polished removing date doubling. Latest die state has large die chip between right 8 loops on left side.
Reverse B2s– Feather engraved between eagle’s right wing and leg. R in Trust not broken.
Die Marker - Short diagonal polishing line in vee between eagle's neck and left wing.

1. 1878-S VAM-29 and VAM-31 share the same obverse die. They are the only examples of engraving on the obverse. The obverse has doubled eyelid and nostril, and die file lines along the jaw edge, that gives a sagging jaw appearance. VAM-31 is distinguished by a diagonal die polish line right of the eagle's neck in the vee between the neck and wing. Note images below for mm placement for VAM 29 vs. VAM 31.


LVA Plate Photos:

1878-S VAM 31 Dbld Eyelid.jpg 1878-S VAM 31 Eng Feather.jpg
1878-S VAM 31 Eng Wing Feather.jpg 1878-S VAM 31 Gouge Above U.jpg
1878-S VAM 31 Sagging Jaw1.jpg

Additional Photos:

Note mm is set slighly left and tilted left, notched (S/S)
This is image of VAM 29 mm Set slightly right.

Rj 1878s vam29 pic1c.jpg
Gouge above U of PLURIBUS
Rj 1878s vam29 pic1a.jpg
Sagging Jaw with engraving.
Rj 1878s vam29 pic1e.jpg
Gouge in Bow


NESVT20090301 1878S 29 31 1.JPG NESVT20090301 1878S 29 31 4.JPG

NESVT20090301 1878S 29 31 5.JPG NESVT20090301 1878S 29 31 6.JPG
NESVT20090301 1878S 29 31 7.JPG

Full Coin Photos

Large Full Coin Copyrighted© VAM-31 Images on loan to VAMworld courtesy ©[Heritage Auctions] ATTRIBUTED BY ANACS ANACS LOGO3.jpg

ANACS MS61 (Attributed), VAMfinder (eBay), October 2009
NGC MS65, (Unattributed), eBay, March 2007