1878-S VAM-2

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1878-S VAM-2 Broken R in Trust

Discovered by Howard Newcomb, February 1913.
2(revised) II 1 · B2b (Broken R in Trust) (184) I-2 R-2
Reverse B2b– Same as B2a, but with die fill on arm of r in Trust which can be partial or completely missing. (A hub break since it also appears on some 1878 P 7 TF & 1879 S).

1. May always exist in combination with engraved wing feather. Therefore VAM-2 probably is not a separate variety.
2. If you think you have a VAM-2 please post on boards since this variety likely does not exist, the forum can help you attribute the coin.


LVA Plate Photos:

The plate also matches VAM-19A

Additional Photos:

Missing 'r' in trust.jpg

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