1878-S VAM-1G

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1878-S VAM-1G Lines in LIB & Eagle’s Left Wing Tip

Discovered by Larry Briggs, August 2003. Revised 2012.
1G(revised) II 1 · B2a (Lines in LIB & Eagle’s Left Wing Tip, Acid Treated Obverse Die 2) (185) I-3 R-4
Obverse II 1– Die1: Heavy polishing lines thru LIB in LIBERTY. (Also VAM-96)
Die 2: Missing nostril from over polished die. Light acid treated lower hair edge gaps with smooth areas and sharp edges on later die states. Short gouge right side of cotton boll. (Also VAM-78 Die 1)
Die 3: Slightly doubled very lower inside right of ear. Over polished nostril. Die marker - Vertical polishing line at left side of right 8.
Reverse B2a– Heavy horizontal polishing lines at top of eagle’s left wing.
1- Die 1 obverse shared with VAM-96
2- Die 2 is the same obverse as VAM 78 die 1 1878-S VAM-78
3- Die 3

LVA Plate Photos:

Lines on Eagles left wing appears on all 3 Dies
1878-S VAM-1G Lines in Wing.jpg
Die 1
1878-S VAM-1G Lines in LIB.jpg
Die 3

Additional Photos:

Discovery Photo Die 2

Full Coin Photos

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