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1878-S VAM-19 Cap Band Gouge

Discovered by Lewis Rosenbaum, March 1977. Revised 2002.
This coin is a Hit List 40 and a WOW! Morgan VAM. This is a Top 30 1878-S Die Variety.
19 (revised) II 14 · B2w (Doubled Motto, Die Gouge Cap, Engraved Wing Feather) (181) I-2 R-4
Obverse II 14– LIBERTY slightly doubled with shift up. Point on number 4 right star is broken off. Nostril and eyelid doubled as are E PL-R-BUS U of motto. Thick broad horizontal die gouge across wheat leaves and top cotton leaf. Field is slightly concave. Doubled profile from hair down to chin.
Reverse B2w– Feather engraved between eagle’s right wing and leg. R in Trust broken. D in DOLLAR doubled at top left and bottom outside. Several stages of over polishing.

1. Thick broad horizontal die gouge across wheat leaves, top cotton leaf and Phrygian cap. Largest known observe die gouge in the series. Doubled nostril and lips.
2. In later die state VAM-19A, the reverse is extremely over polished after dies clashed. A number of leaves are disconnected in wreath. Detail is missing in over polished eagle's left wing.
3. The Reverse Die B2w was used for VAMs 35, 93, 19 (A,B) and 74 (A) I believe in that progression ~tbconcrete
4. The extent of the break on the r in Trust, with the 19A looking more like Tiust. The 19 is characterized by a complete bottom edge of the r crossbar.
5. The traces of the break in the top of the G in God are polished away in the VAM-19A, leaving a fully open G as has been previously noted in the description from Leroy Van Allen.
6. Participants in this study included coins from John Coxe with notes taken by John Roberts and both gentlemen determined the pitting on the reverse should not be used to try and divide the two coins.

1. An interesting VAMworld discussion on this VAM is [here].
2. From that discussion an article appeared in April 16th, 2012 edition of The View entitled "PUPs for the 1878-S VAMs 19 and 19A". Here is the conclusion of this article written by Logan McKechnie of [VAMs and More].

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VAM-19 state:

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