1878-S VAM-18A

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1878-S VAM-18A "Spaghetti Wings" Die Gouges in Wings, Radial Die Break Star

Jason Henrichsen, 2011.
This is a Top 30 1878-S Die Variety.
18A (revised) II1 - B2e (Extra Engraved Wing Feathers, Break Right Star, Polished Dies) (184) I-4 R-5
Obverse II1 - Vertical polishing lines in fields.
Reverse B2e - Vertical polishing lines in fields.

1. Extraordinary die gouges within the Eagles' left and right wings from improper basining. Popular, and quite difficult to find.
2. The VAM-18 is very rare in Mint State with only 3 specimens in MS attributed by ANACS as of early 2010. It will be interesting to see how late a die state of the 18A shows up.
3. Close examination of the obverse reveals it is the same die as used for VAMs 72 and 59. It appears to be slightly later in the progression than VAM 59 as the obverse clashing is somewhat more polished away.

1. Differences between EDS and LDS coins EDS/LDS
2. 78-S VAM-18 vs 78-S VAM-18A

LVA Plate Photos:

1878-S VAM-18 Extra Feathers Left.jpg

Additional Photos:

EDS Specimen:

  1. 1 Eagle's Left Wing Feathers:


  1. 2 Eagle's Right Wing Feathers:

Point of fourth right star only partially broken:
NM 1878-S VAM-18 Partial-broken-4th-star.jpg
|| 1878-S VAM-18 Eye with clash.jpg ||
1878-S VAM-18 Reverse with Nock.jpg
1878-S VAM-18 Nock Closeup.jpg
Coin photo courtesy of Jim Hart (v18):

Full Coin Photos

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1878-S VAM 18A Discovery piece is PCGS MS61.