1878-S VAM-17 Reverse die state 3

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1878-S VAM-17 Doubled Ear Left & D, Over Polished Lower Obverse & Reverse

Discovered by Bill Fivaz, February 1974. Revised 2011, Revised 2014 Tbconcrete, Revised itsallgood 2016
17(revised) II 1 · B2d (Doubled Ear Left & D, Over Polished Lower Obverse & Reverse) (184) I-3 R-5,6
Obverse II 1– Ear doubled at left inside and slightly to right outside. LIBR very slightly doubled at left side.
Die marker - Five short die scratch segments in vertical line in front of eye. Cross-hatch polishing lines at right wheat leaf-cotton leaf gap.
Initial die state 1 - Full hair above date. Normal broken point of 4th right star. R-6
Initial die state 2 - Over polished hair with gaps. 4th right star point shortened. R-5
Die state 3 - Die over polished again with 4th right star point missing. Slight doubling of ear on right side missing. 8-8 digits shallow. R-5
Reverse B2d– D in DOLLAR doubled at left top outside and at left and right bottom outside. Small III S mint mark set slightly to left. R in Trust not broken. Horizontal polishing lines below middle tail feathers occurs on reverse die states 1 & 2 with obverse die states 1 & 2, but is polished away and shallow ED-STA on reverse die state 3 and obverse die state 3. Die marker - Die gouge on wreath right ribbon.
Reverse die state 1 has normal polished die that occurs with normal obverse die state 1.
Reverse die state 2 only slightly more polished with weakened ED-ST that occurs with normal obverse die state 2.
Reverse die state 3 has been heavenly polished with field showing through tail feathers and middle of wings plus shallow ED-STA that occurs with additional polishing of obverse die state 3. (Same die as VAMs 66 and 114 but later die states.)

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