1878-S VAM-17B

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1878-S VAM-17B Doubled D, Denticle Impressions

Discovered August of 2009 by Brian Raines
This coin is a Hit List 40 and a Super CD , This is a Top 30 1878-S Die Variety.
17BII 13 · B2d (Doubled D, Denticle Impressions) (184) I-5 R-6
Obverse II 13– Five small raised dots of denticle impressions next to Liberty head neck in field. Six raised dots in band across lower part of date from left inside of left and right 8s and two raised arcs at bottom of 7. Lateral spacing between dots is same as denticle spacing. First reported case of denticle impressions on obverse. VAM-17A doesn't show obverse denticle impressions because of die wear. VAM-17C doesn't show denticle impressions at date, except for dot inside lower loop of 8 because of die polishing.
Reverse B2d– Four raised denticle inside end impressions in a band at O, four in a band at LL, five in double band below OL and four in slanted band below left tail feathers as in VAM-17A. Four curved raised lines between UN and four above N in UNITED that resemble denticle inside ends. Seven similar curved raised lines above A in STATES and one above right T and five vertical lines above ST with spacing of denticles. Initial denticle impressions die state.
1. 1878-S VAM 17B has 14 sets of denticle clashes on the obverse and 42 sets of denticle clashes on the reverse. Earlier die state of 17A.
2. Here is the VAM-17 Obverse Die Progression as we have it on the pages..does not JIVE with LVA assertion


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18 May 2010 - Close-ups of coin believed to be a VAM 17B
NESVT1 20100430 1878S 17C 01.JPG NESVT1 20100430 1878S 17C 02.JPG
NESVT1 20100430 1878S 17C 03.JPG NESVT1 20100430 1878S 17C 04.JPG

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