1878-S VAM-14

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1878-S VAM-14 Doubled LIBERTY Left, Engraved Wing Feather

Discovered by Bill Deterline, December 1977.
14 II11-B2m (Doubled LIBERTY Left, Engraved Wing Feather) I-2 R-3
Obverse II11- LIBERTY doubled left. R in TRUST not broken.
Reverse B2m- Portion of the wings over polished.

1. This VAM also has a broken "B" in PLURIBUS even though it isn't mentioned in the VAM description.


LVA Plate Photos:

1878 S VAM 14 Eng Feather.jpg

Additional Photos:

1878 S VAM14 10PICCOMBO1.jpg


Pitted Area & Die Gouge behind Neck Curl
Gouge in Reverse Denticles above "E,D" of United. May not be on all examples!!!
Jv 1878 s rev v14 c den 04-18-17.jpg

Full Coin Photos

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