1878-S VAM-112

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Discovered May 2013 by Doug Bindner
112 II2 1 - B2bj (Engraved Wing Feather, Die Gouge S) (184) I-3 R-6
Obverse II2 1 - Broken fourth right star. Slightly doubled front edge of LIBERTY band and right edge of right bent wheat leaf.
Die marker - Double vertical polishing lines at lower right of right cotton bolls.
Reverse B2bj - Feather engraved eagle's right wing and leg. Shallow over polished NITED STAT with vertical die gouge through left S in STATES.
Die marker - Diagonal polishing line at sixth outer feather from bottom of eagle's right wing.
1- has the VAM-29 and VAM-31 look to it, but Mint Mark is centered and upright, so not the same.
I say this because I will look closer at VAM-29 and VAM-31 to make sure they are not VAM-112
2- VAM-29 has a Mint Mark that is set Right
3- VAM-31 has a Mint Mark that is Centered but tilted Left
1. [[1]] pre DC post [[2]] LVA DC Post
2. LVA DC Letter

LVA Plate Photos

Dwb 78s v112 5813 5ccc-tile.jpg

Additional Photos

itsallgood's Discovery Coin Photo of Gouged S
Dwb 78s v112 5813 3.jpg
Discovery Coin Mint Mark
'Itsallgood Discovery Coin Photo Copyrighted© VAM-112 on loan to VAMworld, ATTRIBUTED BY'Leroy Van Allen