1878-S VAM-111

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1878-S VAM-111 Doubled Motto

Discovered September 2011 by John Roberts on a coin from Jason Henrichsen.
This coin is a Hot 50 Morgan VAM and This coin is also Top 30 1878-S Variety.
111 II9 B2a (Doubled Motto) (185) I-5 R-6
B2a - R in Trust not broken. S mint mark in normal position and very slightly high. Die Markers - Horizontal polishing line on 4_5 tail feathers, vertical polishing line between feathers left of eagle's right leg and two die chips to right of lower part of eagle's right leg.

1. This coin has the obverse of the VAMs VAM-11, VAM-22 & VAM-77 with doubled motto and left 8 and some rt stars of II 9. It IS NOT the VAM 11 with broken r in Trust. It IS NOT the VAM 22 with S m/m set high & left. It IS NOT the VAM 77 with very high S m/m.
2. Currently [May 2013] there are five specimens known and as such the VAM 111 is both the rarest 78-S (including Long Nocks) and the rarest Hot 50 coin. The VAM 111 was selected as the 2011 VAM of the Year by the SSDC.


LVA Plate Photos:

Additional Photos:

The obverse motto is strongly doubled. Note the vertical die gouge pointing at the I of PLURIBUS
78s v111 doubled ri pluribus.jpg
The reverse falls into the 'normal' B2a classification. The specific die features a fairly strong horizontal scratch in the tailfeathers.
78s v111 scratch tail feathers.jpg
Note that early die state VAM-22 coins can have a horizontal die scratch near here in the feathers. Check the mint mark position also. If it is oriented to the left of center, you likely have a VAM-22. Mint Mark Placement on an actual VAM-111:
1878-S VAM 111 Photo 2.jpg
Gouges like 'eyebrows' above inner toe of right foot
78s v111 right foot.jpg
Obverse PUP:
1878-S VAM 111 Photo 1.jpg
The die gouge as demonstrated clearly on the second photo from the top:
1878-S VAM 111 Photo 3.jpg
The 'die marker'--vertical polishing line between feathers left of eagle's right leg....
1878-S VAM 111 Photo 4.jpg

Full Coin Photos

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Discovery ANACS 45 details
As of Nov 2015, there are five known specimens..