1878-S VAM-109

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1878-S VAM-109

Discovered November 2007, by Brian Raines, revised 78-sLongnock Oct 2016
109 (revised) II 8 - B2a (Doubled Motto & Ear, Double Spikes Eye) (185) I-3 R-6
Obverse II 8 - LURIB of PLURIBUS doubled with LU doubled at top and RIB doubled at bottom.
Reverse B2a - Fine raised dots all over eagle from rusted die plus some fine vertical engraving /polishing lines. Die marker - Die chip lower right inside of eagle's right leg.

1. Obverse also paired with VAM-65, VAM-100, & VAM-10.
(Order of production: 109, 100, 65, & 10)
2. VAM-109 Revised 2016. Has II 8 obv with dbld motto & double spikes at eye top front pictured for VAM 65 in 78-s Guide & raised dot at lower eye front and below. Also has same rev die with die chip with lower rt inside of eagles rt leg.
3. VAM-87 Eliminated as duplicated of Vam 109 by Leroy Van Allen (10/16)

1. 2016 Revision Letter

LVA Plate Photos:

1878-S-V109-BURCH-1.JPG1878-S VAM-10 Dbld Motto.jpg
1878-S VAM-10 Spiked Eye.jpg1878-S VAM-109 PLATE 1 13 OCT 2010.jpg

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