1878-P VAM-34

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1878-P VAM-34 7/8 Tailfeather, 4 Tips showing

Discovered by Leroy Van Allen, April 1965.
This coin is a Hot 50 Morgan VAM.
34 II2 - B/Ae (4TF) (179) I-3 R-5
Obverse II2- Broken point of star 4 right. 7 doubled on right side.
Die marker - Diagonal die scratch up from top right cotton leaf. Also VAMs 39 & 41. Earliest die state with full nostril.
Reverse B/Ae- Four tail feather ends showing. Design remains in leaves of branch and below branch on left, also around wreath bow. Doubled O, D, W, and E of IN GOD WE TRUST.

1. VAM-34 has three diagonal die polishing lines in the eagle's tail feathers. The fourth star to the right of the 8 in the date has one of the points broken off. A key identifier is the single strong die polishing line from the top right side of the right cotton leaf to the recessed area of the cap.


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2nd Specimen
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