1878-P VAM-30

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1878-P VAM-30 Extra Talons

Discovered by Leroy Van Allen, April 1965.
Revised 2015
30 (revised) II/I 7 B/Aa (Extra Talons) (180) I-3 R-5
Obverse II/1 7 - Type II LIBERTY; doubled E, P, and R; doubled 187 in date with 1 doubled on left at shaft, 8 on top surface, and 7 on left of top serif; all stars on left and first three stars on right doubled. Area around nose and lips over polished. Fine diagonal polishing line through R in LIBERTY.
Reverse B/Aa - Underlying 8 tail feather design shifted left with four talons on left and right shifted left by width of one toe, extra toe at left of eagle's left foot, some remnants of 8 TF design feather left of both leg feathers, left side of upper TF and TF lines to left of eagle's right leg. Some remnants of 8 TF inner feather ends in middle of eagle's right wing.

1. NGC lists this variety with the 7/8 Tail feathers varieties. However, PCGS lists it with other Reverse of 1878 varieties. VAM-30 is easy to overlook.
2. The extra talon appears at the base of the left toe on the eagle's right (viewer's left) leg. On the obverse, E, P, and R are doubled. 187 is doubled in the date. All stars on the left and the first three stars on the right are doubled.


LVA Plate Photos:

Additional Photos:

The key identifier is a longnock reverse and the extra talon pictured below:
1878p vam30 a.jpg
There are interesting die gouges between the legs.
1878p vam30 c.jpg
There is strong die polish around the ribbon bow.
1878p vam30 b.jpg
The first 8 in the date has an interesting die chip.
1878p vam30 d.jpg
A die crack over the M in UNUM extends into the denticles and helps with identification.
1878p vam30 e.jpg
Another die crack can be seen between the E and P of E PLURIBUS
1878p vam30 f.jpg
The nose is polished open on this VAM.
1878p vam30 g.jpg
Obverse stars to the right of the date are doubled, and the 1st star to the right has a small die chip next to the right point.
1878p vam30 h.jpg

NESVT20090220 1878P 30 1.JPG

NESVT20090220 1878P 30 10.JPG NESVT20090220 1878P 30 2.JPG

NESVT20090220 1878P 30 3.JPG NESVT20090220 1878P 30 4.JPG

NESVT20090220 1878P 30 5.JPG NESVT20090220 1878P 30 6.JPG

NESVT20090220 1878P 30 7.JPG NESVT20090220 1878P 30 8.JPG

NESVT20090220 1878P 30 9.JPG

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