1878-P VAM-226

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1878-P VAM-226 Doubled Lower Reverse

Discovered by Jym Braun, March 2000. Revised 2009
226 (revised) II 1 C3c (Doubled Lower Reverse) (194) I-3 R-6
Obverse II1 - Some diagonal polishing lines in tops of ERT in LIBERTY.
Die marker - Thin diagonal scratch at end of cap ribbon.
Reverse C3c - Same hub doubling but different die.
Die marker - Three short horizontal ticks at outside of eagle's left leg.

1. The VAM-226 can be found with zero, one or two clash marks. Also, this variety has a full 4th right star. Presence of incuse n is 1878-P VAM-226A


LVA Plate Photos:

Additional Photos

Over polished nostril.
Slight doubling inside left and bottom of ear.
Polish lines in ER of liberty. Liberty doubled to left.
NESVT20110919 1878P 226A D 04.JPG
7 doubled on right side of horizontal bar.
Wing feather extends left.
Doubling on right wreath.
Heavy neck die clash extending to N of In God We Trust can be found on some specimens
Die gouge under middle claw of left leg and arrow shaft.
Doubling was also noted on bottom of arrow points toward rim
and front of bottom arrow feather.

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