1878-P VAM-225A

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1878-P VAM-225A Doubled Lower Reverse, Denticle Impressions on Reverse

Discovered by Michael Fahey on a coin from C. Logan McKechnie October 2004.
This coin is a Kimpton 12 Morgan Vam. This coin is a Top 30 1878 Variety
225A II 2 C3c (Doubled Lower Reverse, Denticle Impressions on Reverse) (193) I-4 R-5
Obverse II 2 - Faint short spike below eyelid front.
Reverse C3c - Four raised dots below middle tail feathers from impressions of outside of denticles. Spacing between them matches denticle spacing. Short horizontal spikes to right of 1 and 2 tail feathers.

1. If you have a coin with a broken star, a chip in the very top of L in LIBERTY and a clash mark under the chin, you may want to read the discussions here. [[1]] [[2]]
2. The key pick-up-points are the chip in the upper portion of the letter “L” in LIBERTY and the position of the obverse clash (extending from Liberty's jawbone). (MW)
3. 225 and 225A are different die pairs. (JB)
4. Some VAM 225A's don't clearly show the denticle impressions.(JR)


LVA Plate Photos:

1878-P VAM-225A Denticle Impressions.jpg1878-P VAM-225A Spiked Eye.jpg

Additional Photos:

The following photos are from this discussion [[3]]
IMG 1000.JPG IMG 1006.JPG

IMG 1013.JPG
Chip in the upper portion of the letter “L” in LIBERTY
Jv 1878 p obv lib v225a 06-24-17.jpg

Full Coin Photos

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