1878-P VAM-199.2

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1878-P VAM-199.2 Doubled P, Missing Feathers

Discovered by Jeff Oxman, September 1999.
Eliminated, became VAMs 116B and C
199.2 II/I 18 B2f (Doubled P, Missing Feathers) ( ? ) I-2 R-6
This is actually the LDS of 1878-P VAM-116.
Obervse II/I 18 - Doubled P, L, R, and B in PLURIBUS.
1 doubled top right. Lower nostril missing.
Reverse B2a - This variety has the parallel arrow feather, short nock B2 reverse. Die chips around RU of TRUST.
COMMENTS: VAM-116 has been combined with VAM-199-2, as they are die stages of the same die. In fact, no less than five different die stages have been confirmed.
1878 7TF VAM 116 Doubled P.jpg1878p vam116 e.jpg
Die chip behind the eye with a small die crack running up into the hair.
1878p vam116 a.jpg
Full O in GOD, some crumbling in the top of the G.
1878p vam116 b.jpg
Polished away wing feather, parallel arrow feather, short nock.
1878p vam116 c.jpg
Interesting die gouges / polish on the lower reverse:
1878p vam116 d.jpg