1878-P VAM-19

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1878-P VAM-19 Doubled Date

Discovered by Leroy Van Allen, December 1965.
19 II/I 2 A2/A1b (Doubled Date) (180) I-4 R-4
Reverse A2/A1b - Doubled inside of wreath, N of ONE, DOLLAR and right star with AR tripled at bottom. Partial small feather added on eagle's right side between leg and bottom of wing. Top of wreath overpolished so that the tip of leaf appears to be an extra berry on the left side. Eagle's lower and upper beak are doubled. Top arrow head and shaft doubled.

1. Obverse die marker: Thread-like impression behind Liberty's eye. This marker shared with VAM-18 and VAM-20
2. The 1878-P VAM-19 is an eight tailfeather variety.
3. If you are having trouble telling the difference between the reverse for the 1878-P VAM-19 and 1878-P VAM-20, try this page: 1878-P VAM-19 vs VAM-20.


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The VAM-19 was the first use of the II1/2 obverse, later used for VAM-18 and VAM-20. It was paired with the A2/Axb reverse, being repolished after servicing the VAM-23 production. The II/I obverses are a rehubbing of the type I dies with the type II design. This consistently produced doubling on LIBERTY, the upper legend (primarily R) and the stars. Visit this page to see 1878-P VAM-19 vs VAM-20
1878p vam19 b.jpg
Although technically one would need to corroborate the obverse and reverse to attribute this variety properly, it is generally sufficient to say a coin is VAM-19 if it has this obverse in prooflike. That can be convenient when perusing dealer cases on show bourses.
Left Stars->1878-P-19-starsleft.jpg
Right Stars->1878-P-19-starsright.jpg
Liberty shifted left and up.
This obverse die was used in the following VAM progressions: 1878-P VAM-19, 1878-P VAM-18, 1878-P VAM-20.
Distinctive doubling on the date, particularly on the last 8.
1878p vam19 a.jpg
The stars are signficantly doubled.
1878p vam19 c.jpg
Doubled Arrow heads.
1878p vam19 d.jpg
Reverse features:
Tripled AR
8tf star 5.jpg8tf star 6.jpg 8tf star 4.jpg
Reverse polishing lines:
NM 1878-P VAM-19 DieGouge-ArrowHead1.jpg NM 1878-P VAM-19 DieGouge-ArrowHead2.jpg NM 1878-P VAM-19 DieGouge-EaglesBeak.jpg NM 1878-P VAM-19 DieGouge-EaglesHead.jpg NM 1878-P VAM-19 DieGouge-Trust.jpgNM 1878-P VAM-19 DieGouge-UNI.jpg
Obverse die marker is a thread-like impression behind the eye on the obverse:
1878-P VAM-19 Thread-Obv.jpg.jpg

Full Coin Photos

Full Coin Copyrighted© VAM-19 Images on loan to VAMworld courtesy ©[Bowers & Merena Auctions] ATTRIBUTED BY Ron Hagler