1878-P VAM-185C

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1878-P VAM-185C Die Gouge IB, Die Chip Lower Cap, Cud E

Discovery by Chuck Emery, February 2011.
185C II 1 - B2c (Die Gouge IB, Die Chip Lower Cap, Cud E) (180) I-3 R-6
Obverse II 1 - Horizontal die gouge thru lower part of IB in LIBERTY. Die chip in lower rear of Phrygian cap. (Die also later used for VAM-130A)
Reverse B2c - Small rim cud on three denticles above E in STATES. Slightly over polished middle spot in eagle's left wing. Die likely retired very early because of small rim cud.
Die marker - Thin diagonal polishing line on left side of eagle's right leg.


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LVA Plate Photos:

LVA 1878-P VAM-185C Rim-Cud E LVA 1878-P VAM-185C Polish Line LEG .jpg

Additional Photos:

Next 8 photos Courtesy: Chuck Emery.
CFE 01-24-2011 1878-P 7TF CUD0.jpg Cfe 01-24-2011 1878-P epluribusunum2.jpg

Cfe 01-24-2011 1878-P epluribusunum3.jpg CFE )01-24-2011 1878-P DATE1.jpg

CFE )01-24-2011 1878-P LIBERTY2.jpg Cfe 01-24-2011 1878-P epluribusunum4.jpg

CFE 01-24-2011 1878-P 4TH STAR.jpg CFE 01-24-2011 1878-P WHEAT1.jpg

Full Coin Photos

  • Discovery coin graded 50 DETAILS 03/23/2011 @ ANACS