1878-P VAM-160

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1878-P VAM-160 Shifted P

Discovered by Leroy Van Allen, December 1965.
160 II/I 20 - B2c (Shifted P) (194) I-2 R-4
Obverse II/I 20- Top of P's bottom serif doubled. Top of U in PLURIBUS doubled. Stars 3, 4, and 7 left, and 1 and 2 right doubled.
(Also obverse of VAM-118)
Reverse B2c - Same as B2a, but with die fill on the arm of R in TRUST which results in TIUST. This is a break in the hub, since the variety appears on many dies( some of the 1878-P 7 TF, 1878-S, and 1879-S.



LVA Plate Photos:

Additional Photos:

Hopefully, you can see that the inside of the stem of the r in trust is recut or “repaired.” The outline of the stem is essentially the same as all the other B2c reverse coins.
The raised “flag” of this coin is unique in the 1878 7TF varieties, so, once you see this, attributing the VAM 160 becomes trivial.
ASH 1878-P VAM-160 TRU.JPG
Note, primarily, the doubling just above the left “foot” of the P of PLURIBUS as indicated by the lowest arrow in the picture.
This distinguishes the VAM 160 from the VAM 166. The doubling on the right “foot” and the outside right of the loop are fairly similar to the VAM 166.
ASH 1878-P VAM-160 P.JPG
This picture is the fold of the Phrygian Cap. There is a small group of pits normally regarded as a die “chip” in the fold.
This obverse is common to both the VAM 160 and the VAM 118, so this, combined with the broken and repaired r in trust on the reverse will attribute the VAM 160.
Mrjuan-vam160 scratch.JPG
The doubling shown here is, again, very similar to that of the VAM 166, but coupled with the other attributes of the
VAM 160, this coin can very easily be distinguished from the VAM 166. courtesy of Ash Harrison.
ASH 1878-P VAM-160 U.JPG

Mrjuan-vam-160-ri-.JPG Mrjuan-vam-160 date.JPG

Jca-vam160-jpg.JPG Jca-vam160-ear-jpg.JPG

Mrjuan-vam 160-tr.JPG
repaired r in trust

Full Coin Photos

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