1878-P VAM-14.9

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1878-P VAM-14.9 Tripled Eyelid

Discovered by Macy Hallock, July 1981.
14.9 I19 A1n (Tripled Eyelid) (189) I-2 R-5
Obverse I19 - Eyelid tripled in front of eye just below front of eyelid. First three stars on left slightly doubled toward rim. Firs three stars on right slightly tripled towards rim. Entire date doubled with 1 doubled slightly below upper crossbar, both 8's at top inside of uper loop, and 7 below crossbar and on upper right of vertical shaft.
Reverse A1n - All legend letters and wreath leaves doubled towards rim. Bottom of eagle's right wing doubled. Two small islated feathers added on eagle's right and two on eagle's left side between leg and bottom of wing.

1. The VAM-14.9 is one of the terribly rare 8 tailfeather varieties. The 1878 VAM-14.9 is an 8 tailfeather coin with the A1n reverse. The reverse A1n design is shared by 1878-P VAM-14.9, 1878-P VAM-14.13, and 1878-P VAM-14.16. All rare VAMs. This reverse is characterized by a unique tailfeather design and a small die scratch inside the lower part of the N of UNITED.
2. Attribution of this VAM is difficult. Just below the Liberty's eyelid, there are faint 'spikes' protuding from the eye. There is doubling to the right side of the date's ' 7', and minor doubling of the other numerals. There is a die gouge in the TY of Liberty.


LVA Plate Photos:

Additional Photos:

1878p vam14 13 m.jpg1878p vam14 13 o.jpg
Die scratch inside the N of UNITED indicating an A1n reverse:
1878p vam14 13 j.jpg
Combined picture of the reverse feathers:
1878p vam14 13 f.jpg
Additional details for this ultrararity, some found nowhere else:
The multiple gouges below the eyelid.
Unlisted obverse die scratch.
Chip in the center of the bonnet fold void.
Doubling can be found through the obverse, notably along the left edge of the bonnet fold.
Not documented elsewhere, There are two parallel, vertical die gouges in Liberty's hair.
A more detailed shot of those gouges.
The engraved wing feathers.
UNI doubling and the die scratch in the N.
More detail shows abrasive die polishig in the upper armpit of the N as well.
The reverse doubling is fairly pronounced.
R in Dollar

Full Coin Photos

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