1878-P VAM-14.1A

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1878-P VAM 14.1A Doubled Eye Front, Clashed Obverse n

Discovery May 2003 by Mark Kimpton
14.1A I13•A1k (Doubled Eye Front, Clashed Obverse n) (188) I-2 R-5
Obverse I13– Die clash marks with faint partial incuse n of In from reverse next to Liberty head neck.

1. There is a late die state of the 14.1A that has a nice little die crack from the rim to the 5th star left. The 1st four links below shows said die crack quite well.To date, LVA has decided the crack is not significant enough to warrant a separate designation.Thread for the die crack: http://www.vamworld.wikispaces.com/share/view/80607103
2. Late die state is double clashed. It is not known if the small crack noted in Comment 1 occurred before or after or as a result of the second clash. The 3- Clashed version is available with some looking but is far less common than the single clashed example.
3. Known to have feed finger die scratches at eagle's right wing.

1. Thread on the double clash:http://www.vamworld.wikispaces.com/share/view/82077377

LVA Plate Photos:

1878-P VAM-14-1A Clashed n best.jpg

Additional Photos:

1878 RonH VAM-14 1A REV 1bINCU.jpg
Clash in front of the eye
1878p vam14 1 e redo.jpg
High grade, early die stages of this coin show the above to be die chips, not die gouges. [CLM, June 2013]
Die rough patch over M of UNUM:
1878p vam14 1 c redo.jpg 1878p vam14 1 d.jpg
1878p vam14 1 b.jpg 1878p vam14 1 a.jpg
1878eyev14.jpg 1878-P VAM-14.1A PolishingLines.JPG 1878 RonH VAM-14.1A 5th Star Break From Rim to field.jpg

Full Coin Photos

Full Coin Copyrighted© VAM-14.1A Images on loan to VAMworld courtesy ©[Heritage Auctions]ATTRIBUTED BYVariety Slabbing Service.jpg