1878-P VAM-131B

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1878-P VAM-131B Die Scratch Thru RT

131B II 2 B2a (Die Scratch Thru RT) (179) I-2 R-5
Obverse II 2 - Heavy diagonal die scratch thru R and top of T in LIBERTY. (Same obverse used with VAM 195A and VAM 210A)

1. The typically encountered V131B shows fairly extensive reverse die cracking especially at TED-wing-S; however, the cracking does not displace the field so it does not warrant classification as a sub-variety per LVA. EDS specimens do exist for the variety with one attributed by ANACS as VAM-131B EDS AU 55. The EDS coin does NOT exhibit the reverse die cracking and the coin has reflective surfaces on both sides.
2. This obverse shared with VAM 195A and VAM 210A


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NESVT20120128 1878P 131B 03.JPG NESVT20120128 1878P 131B 04.JPG

NESVT20120128 1878P 131B 05.JPG NESVT20120128 1878P 131B 06.JPG


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