1878-P VAM-130B

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1878-P VAM-130B Spike above eyelid, semi-circular die gouges wing

Discovered by C. Logan McKechnie September 2005. Revision February 2007 by John Roberts
130B II 1 B2a (Semi-circular gouges on wing) (194) I-2 R-5
Obverse II 1 - Short spike above eyelid front. Slight doubling on chin front. Same die as VAM-185A .
Reverse B2a - Two nearly semi-circular die gouges on eagle's left wing near neck-wing junction. Overpolished die at eagle's right wing-leg junction.

1. The former listing for VAM 130B was a duplicate of VAM 131A.
2. EDS is 2-sided PL. LDS is lightly 2-sided clashed (no letter transfer). Very scarce variety, rare in uncirculated grades!


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Additional Photos:

78 v130b eye small.jpg 78 v130b x scratch small.jpg
Distinctive semi-circular gouges in the wing and a lump in the lower tailfeathers are found on this previously unreported die.
78 v130b semi circle in wing small.jpg
Slightly doubled eyelid and 'X' scratch between cotton and wheat leaf, markers of the VAM 130B/185A obverse die.
78 v130b lump lower tailfeathers small.jpg

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