1878-P VAM-120

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1878-P VAM-120 Doubled P

Discovered by Guy Messing, December 1973.
120 II/I 31 B2a (Doubled P) (?) I-2 R-4
Obverse II/I 31 - Type II LIBERTY; Doubled bottom serifs of P and metal on R of PLURIBUS. Metal on right side of U in UNUM. All stars on left and first three on right doubled.

1. Same as VAM-168, but has the normal B2a reverse type with no broken letters in the motto. Existence of this VAM is questionable. Two ANACS coins have been examined by Larry Briggs and he claims that both are mis-attributed and are actually VAM-168 (July, 2007).
2. Another 7TF specialist in 2006 also questioned the existence of VAM-120.


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1878-P VAM-120 ANACS AU50 (1); EF45 (1);