1878-P VAM-12

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1878-P VAM-12 Doubled Motto

Discovered by Guy Messing, April 1973.
12 I29 - A1f (Doubled Motto) (179) I-3 R-4
Obverse I2 9 - Doubled bottoms of E, PL-RIB-S. First four stars on left and right sides. Five to seven stars on left doubled on right side only. First star on right doubled on left side only. Both 8's in date doubled at top inside of upper and lower loops. & 7 doubled at top right of vertical shaft.
Reverse A1f - Doubled lower and left wreath, all of legend, and stars. Three small feathers added on eagle's right and two on eagle's left side between leg and bottom of wing. Eagle's right leg and right wing doubled on outside. Olive branch leaves are doubled on outside.

1. The 1878 VAM-12 is an 8 tailfeather coin with the A1f reverse. There is a strong die polishing line in the curl of Liberty's cap.
2. The A1f reverse is shared by the 1878-P VAM-12, 1878-P VAM-16, and 1878-P VAM-17.
3. Some specimens come with a rotated reverse of 5 degrees CW.


LVA Plae Photo:

Additional Photos

Reverse of a VAM-12 specimen:
1878-P VAM 12 reverse.jpg
Note the chatter/activity in and around the eye:
1878-P VAM 12 obv eye.jpg
Gouge/scratch in the protected area of the cap fold:
1878-P VAM 12 obv cap.jpg
Obverse die cracks for reference. May not appear like this, or at all, on early die state (EDS) specimens:
1878-P VAM 12 obv die cracks.jpg

Full Coin Photos

2 Sets of Large Full Coin Copyrighted© VAM-12 Images on loan to VAMworld courtesy ©[Heritage Auctions] ATTRIBUTED BYVariety Slabbing Service.jpg
Please Note: No coins are rotated in imaging. This is exactly the way they slabbed.

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