1878-P VAM-116

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1878-P VAM-116 Doubled P

Discovered by Leroy Van Allen, December 1965. Revised 2007.
This coin is a Hit List 40 Morgan VAM and this coin is also a Top 30 1878 Variety
116(revised) II/I 18 - B2a ( Doubled P) (180,179) I-4 R-4
Obverse II/I 18 - Type II LIBERTY. Doubled P, L, R, and B in PLURIBUS, left stars, 1-4 right stars. 1 doubled at top right and right 8 doubled at lower left and bottom inside and top left outside of lower loop. Die flake near hair line behind eye with die scratch leading to hair. Two tiny die chips at back of jaw-neck junction. ( Also 140 which is earlier die state.) Key identifier - Bulge at right of P loop and die flake and line behind eye.
Reverse B2a - Fairly full feather between eagle's right wing and leg.

1. The earliest die state of this obverse is 1878-P VAM-140. This variety has the parallel arrow feather, short nock B2 reverse. VAM-116 has been combined with VAM-199-2, as they are die stages of the same die. In fact, no less than seven different die stages have been confirmed (116, 116A non-clashed EDS, 116A clashed LDS, 116B EDS with clash marks polished out, 116B LDS with vertical die gouge added from bottom of lower arrow head and vertical and horizontal polishing lines around olive, 116C EDS (no die gouges at top right outside of wreath) and 116C LDS (small die gouge at top right outside of wreath bow). Currently only the initial die stage, VAM-116 is getting a premium. Leroy has categorized VAM-116 into these stages:
VAM-116, VAM-116A, VAM-116B, VAM-116C all have the doubled P listed below. Based on research, these offical varieties can be subdivided into seven (7) different die stages: stage 1 is VAM 116, unclashed (EDS) VAM 116A is stage 2, clashed (LDS) VAM 116A is stage 3, EDS VAM 116B is stage4, LDS VAM116B is stage 5, EDS VAM 116C is stage 6 and LDS VAM 116C is stage 7. A reference tool is SSDC: VAM-E Volume 7, Issue 18, October 2010 showing all the pick-up points for each of the 7 stages.


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1878 7TF VAM 116 Doubled P.jpg
Die chip behind the eye with a small die crack running up into the hair.
1878p vam116 a.jpg

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